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We will show you with practical examples how you can sustainably optimize your inventory while expending a minimum of time. Learn more about the administration of material groupings, the use of rule-based systems, and decision trees. Take advantage of the formulas and the associated option of automated updating of the calculated planning parameters as default values. In addition, we will show you the individual use of segmentation characteristics and the restocking time calculation. Learn about the advantages of specific parameterization and customization options.


You are already working with this module every day.


You are able to adapt the extended range of functions of this module to your operational requirements. You know the technical possibilities and can assess requirements, classify them into the functional scope, and partially implement them. You can define an automatic safety stock and re-order point calculation and synchronize the material master data in SAP.

  • Administration
  • Individual classification, using product lifecycle as an example
  • Grouping and classification
  • Calculating safety stock and re-order point
  • Comparison of data in the SAP material master
Target Group:

You want to deepen your knowledge and learn adjacent functions. You regard levels of safety stock and re-order point as highly important and are looking for automatic parameter editing options. As product manager, you are curious about the administration of the applications.

Price per Person:
€ 580,-

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

1-day seminar


Register for the block week and save up to €315.00

Exclusive Training online or offline

Price per Company:
€ 3.125,-
by arrangement

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Sibylle Blöchl
+49 271 238 71 4053

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