Online Academy is awesome!

Online or offline.
At your location or at our office.


Deepen your expertise!

Whether it's further training in SAP standard or training around the GIB suite: In the Academy, you will learn how to use the software even more profitably. Our training courses are tailored to the respective level of knowledge, from beginners to professionals. Would you like a live and personal workshop on-site in Siegen? Then take a look at our "Classroom Offer". Are you looking for a digital format? Then take a look at our online academy. Do you prefer an exclusive workshop in your own company building? Just ask for your desired Workshop. 

Whatever you choose, our workshops are interactive and take place in the current SAP training system!


Without arrival and departure and without an overnight stay in a hotel. This saves time and money! Many of our workshops about our products or about the SAP system, in general, are also available in digital form. Be more digital! We have redesigned our Academy programme and optimised it for digital use:

  • Small groups with 8 participants max.
  • Shorter learning phases
  • Compressed contents
  • Controlled requests to speak
  • Extensive training material for further reference and practice

Exclusive training online or offline, as in-house seminar

Want a little more luxury? Or just calculated with a sharp pencil?

You can also book all training offers from our Academy individually and exclusively for your company. Up to 8 participants from your company can join the training. So treat yourself to the luxury of an efficient small group and benefit from participant questions and comments that address your specific context. In this way, your employees learn not only from the trainer, but also among themselves and through answers from the professional, which specifically reflect your concerns.  By the way, you should choose the exclusive format for online workshops with 6 or more participants for cost reasons alone!

Consultant's Day - In-house

Individual training on the job

We are pleased to offer you an individual training day with our experienced consultants. During the visit on-site, they clarify the questions of the key users in a direct conversation, provide assistance and tips in the use of the tools and help to optimally adjust the system and adjust the parameters. 

For 1,250 €/day our experts are at your disposal with advice and deeds. (The consultant's day is NOT a training course! No access to the training system, no fixed curriculum and no training material).

Advanced Supply Chain Solutions

Simplify, automate, and optimize supply chain planning with the
#1 native add-in for SAP ERP. One platform, better performance.

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