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Apply for the GIB SCM Awards

Consider what information you can describe and in how much detail. Keep in mind that the more concrete your data is, the greater your chances of standing on the winner’s podium. Success measured in percentages, items, euros, minutes, litres, etc. is particularly welcome. The questionnaire has a checklist to make the process easier for you. You may supplement your data with charts (max. 10 slides including your company presentation). Your data and slides will be published afterwards. If you don’t want yours published, just let us know.

What you must submit:

  • The completed questionnaire;
  • Company presentation (max. 2 slides);
  • PowerPoint slides with detailed info (max. 8 slides);

Participation requirements:

  • Companies using GIB Suite/GIB SCX may participate;
  • Concepts may be created and implemented together with other service providers.

SCM awards application

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