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Remain capable of acting in the SAP Public Cloud

MRP view XLNce: The central overview to control all material flows under SAP S/4HANA

What is the benefit of the app MRP view XLNce for the user?

  • Modern visualization in Fiori
  • Material overview in one screen
  • Simple period selection
  • Detailed information with one click
  • Single material or aggregated view

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Apps in focus

In the Public Cloud, everything is fancy – modern interface design, Fiori logic “in 3 clicks to detail”, and each application has its own app. 

So while in the past the experienced SAP user had to switch from one transaction to the next and find his way through the various windows and drill-downs, this is now no longer done with endless number of tables and decision trees, but with modern and user-friendly cards.

Is that better now?

Yes, it is!

Because of the app logic, the system architects had to take a big step towards simplification. Wherever possible, the system now thinks ahead. Instead of always offering everything that is possible, with the design the system architects considered: "What is the user's goal with his query?" In this way, the user is not offered all the data that is available in a transparent and clear form, but all the information that makes sense.

No, it is not!

In principle, it doesn't matter whether I, as a user, must navigate my way through a transaction jungle or an app jungle. Because both are cumbersome, confusing and error-prone. For many years, GIB Operations has therefore offered a central control unit. It acts as a central navigation system, displaying all relevant information in one screen and providing the option to jump directly to all transactions. As this is extremely transparent, time-saving and therefore very helpful in daily doing, this navigation is now also available for the SAP Public Cloud!

SaaS solution with many useful features

Direct access via launchpad

Clear, self-explanatory, intuitive to use: In the launchpad the user finds the jump to the working areas material overview, material overview multi-level, configuration customer fields and configuration navigation.

All information in one screen

Display of all relevant information in a single navigation screen. In addition to all stock information, the material master data is also available in this overview. This facilitates handling and ensures transparency and planning reliability.

Different views of period courses

Period courses of materials in different views, e. g. requirements, receipts or available quantities. In addition, a selection of different periodicities is offered, e. g. day, week or month.

Jump to all relevant activities

All functionalities are available to the user for a single material, a selection or for the entire list. This allows dispatchers or purchasers to design their personal worklist clearly and effectively. Simple jumps for further processing and detailed evaluations are easily possible here.

View individual materials with one click

Whether aggregated material list or view on single material level: You get the additional MRP information with one click. Clear and well structured.

Multi-level view

Quick access to different levels of the bill of material (BOM) through simple drop-down menu. Excel export and selection of the desired BOM usage, e. g. for sales, manufacturing or engineering.

The advantages of MRP view XLNce on SAP S/4HANA at a glance

Time and cost savings – through efficient display and analysis of the material stock

MRP view XLNce enables the user to identify bottlenecks and overstocks at an early stage and to initiate appropriate measures.

Transparency – all essential dispatcher information at a glance

The aggregated view in the start screen makes the application clear and user-friendly. The complexity is significantly reduced. Nevertheless, all detailed information remains directly accessible through drill-down mechanisms. This creates maximum transparency.

Quick decision – no switching from app to app

By bringing together all relevant information in a central navigation screen, decisions can be made quickly and confidently without switching back and forth between different apps. In addition, MRP view XLNce enables a drill-down to all detailed information and offers a direct control option.

Planning reliability – view of future inventory development

By displaying future inventories in terms of quantity and value, inventory surpluses and shortages become visible at an early stage. This leads to the best possible planning result.

Take advantage of the SAP Public Cloud without taking a step back in terms of transparency, usability and effectiveness – with MRP view XLNce, the central overview to control all material flows under SAP S/4HANA. This way you remain capable of acting.

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Product manager
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