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Male worker operation machines in a brewery. He holds a tablet in his hand while standing in the middle of metal kettles.

Greater product diversity, scarce materials, drastically more expensive energy, retail campaigns announced at short notice, “volatile” markets with rapid changes in consumer behaviour: Production planning in breweries is really not easy these days – is it?

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Lined up brown beer bottles are ready for filling

In view of rising energy and raw material costs and a volatile sales market, efficient, resource-saving and sustainable production is essential for breweries and beverage producers. An intelligent software that connects OT and IT can be the solution here.

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Hand of green grass and robot hand touching each other

In Germany alone, data centres consumed 18 billion kilowatt hours of energy in 2022. This makes it clear: the increasing importance of IT does not have a good impact on the CO2 footprint. But digitalisation can also become an opportunity for climate protection. For example, with quantum computers.

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Orange paper airplane flying directly towards cloud.

Life as an IT manager can be so simple – if you choose to host your ERP system in the public cloud. But what delights the IT workers can lead to concerns on the business department. In terms of material requirements planning, these worries can now be overcome!

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Stylised FOX

Starter, main course, dessert: With a good meal, the order is fixed. It's the same with football (kick-off, first half, break, second half) and with a symphony: first the overture, then three to five movements.

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Chain that is strengthened by a strong chain link overgrown with grass.

Hand on heart: How sustainable is your supply chain? How high is the resource consumption that occurs in the production of your purchased parts and your products? How high is the CO2 footprint per product? And is that even important? If so, can you find the answers in your SAP system?

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Illustration of the seven types of waste (TIMWOOD)

In (almost) every production there are bottleneck machines that determine the cycle rate of a complete production area and therefore require the special attention of production planning. For this task software tools are available. But practice shows: Even if these tools are used and the planners…

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Knob for graphical display of low waste

Taiichi Ohno already showed the way in the 1950s. The inventor of the Toyota Production System (TPS) always had the goal of avoiding waste (Japanese: Muda). The production concepts he developed (Kaizen, Kanban, Just-in-time) aim to remove all non-value-adding activities from the process. This has…

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The GIB SCM Award trophy

The Siegen-based software manufacturer ifm, previously GIB, has once again presented the SCM Award for the implementation of outstanding supply chain projects at this year's SUCCESS DAYS. The proud 2022 award winners are Aenova Holding GmbH, BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH and Gigaset…

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Graphical diagram of the level indicator in moneo and its display on the SFI event monitor.

Who hasn't experienced it: the workday is already over, even though it has only just begun. If only there weren't always these unnecessary time wasters! Surely there are also some work steps in your production that could be completed without your intervention through automation - as if by…

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