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The new S/4 HANA based solution - GIB SCX- Supply Chain Excellence

At the SUCCCESS DAYs from 21 to 22 May 2019, Björn Dunkel, Managing Director, presented the new solution to all customers and interested parties. The SCX solution is the quantum leap that offers an answer to the increasing demands on supply chain management due to globalization and networking. The outlook for the future met with great interest, because customers and interested parties are familiar with it: As a company, it can only hold its own in competition through rapid reactions, quality, product diversity and sustainability, and at the same time there is the challenge of finding qualified personnel.

"The right information at the right time with the right user" - this is how Björn Dunkel formulated the demands on the new SCX Suite. The software solution focuses on user-friendliness and simplification. As a holistic solution, it offers a high degree of process maturity. GIB SCX is based on future-oriented technologies such as Fiori and sophisticated system-internal intelligence. By completely digitizing all business processes along the supply chain, the new software brings the Smart Factory within reach.

The S/4 HANA-based solution runs through the control loop of optimization in every phase of the supply chain: from procurement to production to sales planning. GIB SCX looks holistically and process-oriented at the process chain of the internal supply chain, for a particularly high degree of sustainability. The solution not only secures digital communication in the horizontal direction along the value chain, but at the same time ensures bidirectional exchange at the vertical level, from the provision of services to the SAP/ERP system.

Further information about GIB SCX.

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