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Searching for the perfect supply chain process

By: Sonja Telscher

The pursuit of perfection is as old as the history of mankind. Whether at work or in private life - we always try to approach the ideal. But what is the "ideal"? Who defines it?

As an SCM solution provider, we were looking for the perfect process. They trusted in decades of experience gained from customer projects, from consulting, development and especially their process knowledge.  But it soon became clear that perfection is a very subjective, constantly changing matter.

So instead of pretending the perfect process, we have identified guidelines which steer the process participants to the ideal process through skillful navigation.

Perfection in 4 steps

Step 1: Ask the right questions in the process section. In decades of consulting and project experience, one central question has proven itself: "Why do you do it this way?” This can reveal operational blindness and create problem awareness. (Analyze!)

Step 2: Formulate and simulate new processes and activities.  So the desired improvement does not cost a lesson in expensive trial-and-error processes. (Plan!)

Step 3: Implement the best possible scenario. Control and document the process. Observe what is happening and monitor the changed processes. (Implement!)

Step 4: Learn! Sometimes even small improvements lead to a quick win and motivate the teams involved. But some things also require a project team and a corresponding action plan. (Optimize!)

The truth at the push of a button

One thing has become clear in the past: The necessary professional competence and valuable practical knowledge are already available in the companies. It just needs to be exposed, combined correctly and applied in a targeted manner. The right tool is a must!

Thus, an indicator system can provide objective information on whether materials are planned and if so, how much? It could give you knowledge about how good the delivery service is, how much stock can be found in the corridor and much more. The key figures are based on the SAP database, the "Single Point of Truth", so it shows the unvarnished truth! The resulting discussion then initiates the improvement process, because now those responsible are called upon to question and reflect on the processes. The optimization process is already in full swing.

Become active yourself - you can do it!

Sounds like five hundred consulting days? Not at all! The GIB solutions are designed to ensure that those involved in the value creation process optimize themselves. The indicator model, for example, uncovers grievances top-down and invites to ask the right questions. Sophisticated planning software enables precise production, inventory and material requirements planning. Comprehensive sales planning, which takes into account all relevant internal and external factors, provides a realistic forecast. Also, the solution also accompanies the operative process and is ,therefore, a daily tool for scheduling, production control and order preparation. And because the software is fully integrated into SAP, there are no interface problems, no information losses and no data leaks.

Why not help yourself by discovering your expert knowledge? Perfect your supply chain. We will support you in doing so!

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