Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the abbreviations DCC, DCO, DCB, DCP, DCV, and DCF come from?

These abbreviations date back to the time of the "GIB Dispo Cockpit" and are a consequence of the software namespace in the SAP system. There, a very limited number of characters are still available today, which must, however, reflect a unique address of the respective product/module. DC stands for Dispo Cockpit and the following letters for C- Controlling, O - Operations, P-Planning, B- Buying, F- Forecast, and V - Vendor Managed Inventory.

Fun fact on the side: Today's "Buying" was originally supposed to be called Purchasing. Would have reflected the functionality better.

Unfortunately, the letter "P" in the GIB name scrabble was already occupied by "Planning" and so "Purchasing" became "Buying".

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