A chain link overgrown with grass strengthens the overall chain.

Sustainability and climate neutrality: on the way to a “green” supply chain

Identifying & reducing CO2  emissions in the supply chain is becoming increasingly important. Which topics play an important role here? And how does the SCM software from ifm help to reduce the CO2 footprint?

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Stylized megaphone and speech bubble that says “NEW GIB RELEASE 23.0”.

Packed with many exciting features, Release 23.0 is now available for download in our customer portal. Do you want to discover the innovations? Then visit our release landing page. There you can find all highlights summarized!

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Optimal use instead of waste: better planning of machine capacities

The acronym TIMWOOD describes seven types of resource waste that exist in the supply chain. How these types of waste can be reduced? With the new software tool GIB GXM FOX!

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Winter picture with iced branches

Slowly but surely, 2022 is coming to an end. How to reach us in case of technical problems between Christmas and New Year? You can find out here.

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Orange link keeps chain together

Improve SAP-controlled supply chain processes with ifm's SAP-certified software? Yes, that's possible! Since GIB's SCM experts, now ifm, have been on board, optimizing processes, reducing costs & improving delivery readiness have been part of ifm's range of services.

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Waste in the supply chain – rethought

Organizing the supply chain in a more stable way – and with the least possible waste – is a major challenge under the current circumstances. In our latest blog, we show you three strategies that can be effective in this regard.

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The Siegen-based software manufacturer ifm, formerly GIB, once again presented the SCM Award for the implementation of outstanding supply chain projects at this year's SUCCESS DAYS. In 2022, no less than three companies were able to enjoy the coveted trophy.

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In most productions there are steps that could be done by automation without your intervention! Optimized processes could make work more effective and the time saved could be put to good use. The key lies in the interaction between the production and IT levels.

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Soon what belongs together also grows together in the external appearance: the company label GIB disappears from the market and the services and products around supply chain management are marketed under the name of ifm. What changes? What remains the same? You can read about it here!

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Connected world: Depiction of the globalized economy

Return to Go: Farewell to Globalization?

Due to various disruptions worldwide, there are more and more supply bottlenecks and the desire to reintegrate previously outsourced processes is increasing. But are strategies like insourcing or nearshoring realistic? 

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