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As a provider of cabling and connectivity solutions for high-end communication networks, "Reichle & De-Massari AG" considers the smooth functioning of supply chain processes to be a key success factor in the company.

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In the HANA- and S/4-age everything stays better at ifm business solutions. The good and the tried and tested will remain and yet there will be a successful supply chain revolution.

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Because of its high export ratio, the German agricultural engineering industry is heavily dependent on international developments - and not only on the agricultural sector as the buyer of its products. Alongside ever-stiffer competition caused by globalization, the protectionist policy of the USA,…

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To be able to manage global value chains and different business units in such a way that inefficiencies can be identified quickly and investments can be made in the right place at the right time, internationally established companies need efficient and transparent processes.

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Add-on makes supply chain management in SAP more transparent

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