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Op weg naar de fabriek van de toekomst - Hannover Messe 2019

Managing Director Björn Dunkel und Matthias Betz, Innovation Manager of GIB at the Hanover Fair 2019

The main topic of this year's Hanover Fair is the introduction of the 5G mobile radio standard in addition to artificial intelligence. It is urgently expected by the industry, because the availability of fast internet is only partially available throughout Germany and the amount of data continues to grow. 5G replaces LTE and is seen as a requirement for the Smart Factory, because thanks to the speed and capacity even larger amounts of data can be transmitted in real time. In May, the first six 5G mobile phone antennas will be available in Berlin. These are unique in Europe so far. From 2020, the conversion to 5G is to take place nationwide in Germany. This will advance the topic of IoT and Industry 4.0 in many companies.

What applications are conceivable here? Technology analyst Gartner launched a survey among 185 companies in mid-2018, the "5G use case and adoption survey" on expectations and requirements. Communication with IoT devices (59 percent), video transmissions - especially augmented and virtual reality (53 percent), remote control and automation as well as high-performance analyses using edge computing were mentioned.

A application that also benefits for its attached assets from the performance of 5G is GIB's "Mobile Maintenance App" as part of the Shop Floor Integration (SFI) solution. The SFI networks all business processes and brings the data from the machine level to ERP. It thus forms the basis on which the Mobile Maintenance App is based. It enables the maintenance employee to react quickly and sustainably to production problems. He receives problem messages with high priority in real time via a tablet. With just a few clicks, he receives all relevant context information on the affected machine at a glance, such as an overview of all reported problem cases and orders on a time axis. This enables him to deduce the causes of deviating sensor data. In addition, he can check the availability of required spare parts and schedule the repair in such a way that it does not influence the production process. The goal is optimum utilization of the machine. Via the app, the maintenance engineer has access to detailed repair instructions that guide him step by step.

Digitalization offers transparency of processes and procedures and 5G offers the necessary speed that makes continuous optimization possible in real time. We will be represented at the ifm stand with the SFI solution until April 5, 2019. We look forward to welcoming you. For further information on our end-to-end solution, please click here.


Author: Jana Hasse

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