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Using the right tools to optimize efficiency

Add-on makes supply chain management in SAP more transparent

To make gains in all its logistics processes an internationally active premium manufacturer of tools is banking on a certified SAP add-on. This software is expected to ensure increased efficiency through transparency in the long term. The GIB Dispo-Cockpit supports in providing transparent inventory and production controlling including a clear overview of production reporting and allows key figures to be presented in visual terms with just a few clicks.


Based in headquarters in Marienheide, August Rüggeberg GmbH operates six additional manufacturing sites at home and abroad as well as a global network for the distribution of its internationally renowned PFERD tools. Its product portfolio includes grinding wheels, flap discs, cut-off wheels, files, burrs, mounted points, diamond and CBN tools, industrial power brushes, and other tools used to treat surfaces and to separate materials. The family-owned company can boast over 200 years of tradition and currently employs approximately 1,750 staff around the globe, 1,000 or whom are based in Europe.


PFERD products are innovative high-performance tools coveted the world over. As a high-quality manufacturer, the company always has its focus on achieving the economic optimum – both in the development of new products and in the continuous improvement of its own SAP ERP-based logistics and production processes. Since uncovering potential for optimization is key to its business, the company did not wait too long to implement the GIB Dispo-Cockpit after first becoming aware of it at the GIB Success Days, an event organized by the Siegen-based software manufacturer. Crucial to the company’s decision was its supply chain set-up, which at the time lacked transparency: “From our to-do list, we wanted to establish processes for continuous inventory controlling, in addition to transparent and clear reporting and controlling for production,” recalls Olaf Theunissen, Head of Inventory Management at Rüggeberg. “However, priority number one was most definitely to be able to classify articles and optimize the material master data or rule set. We struggled with a lack of transparency in our processes and key figures due to different lists and Excel tables, not to mention the various interface problems caused by a non-SAP logistics tool. As a result, this meant, for example, that we struggled to define and apply sustainable processes for any articles added or modified.”


Transparency and control replace trial and error

As an SAP-certified add-on, the GIB Dispo-Cockpit impressed the tool manufacturer not only because it solved the interface problem: As a top-level tool it supports all logistics processes, removing the tedium of having to switch between various different transactions, platforms, and Excel tables.

Previously, the task of calling up logistics key figures at the tool manufacturer was a time-consuming business, but following the introduction of the Dispo-Cockpit this can now be done with just a few clicks; all logistics key figures can be determined quickly and displayed clearly in visual terms. The DC modules Operations and Controlling were implemented globally across plants. In everyday resource-planning activities, all relevant scheduling information, such as material master data, demand and consumption details, manufacturing and production order information, can be called up quickly and efficiently in order to make the right decisions, thanks to individual user layouts and predefined standard layouts. You can also use the DC module Controlling to display simulative demand quantities or to simulate the receipt situation. When used together, the six modules from the GIB Dispo-Cockpit family form a formidable tool that helps create transparent – and therefore efficient – processes. Theunissen reports that remarkable synergies have already been established through the implementation of the Operations and Controlling modules. “All of our requirements have been fulfilled. We are delighted with the Dispo-Cockpit and with how GIB has dealt with its implementation, which included an initial workshop and some technical training. The fact that GIB was very flexible in all steps of project planning and implementation was especially pleasing.” In the meantime, Rüggeberg is planning to roll out the SAP add-on to other sites.


Big hitter of programming templates

In addition to the Dispo-Cockpit modules, Rüggeberg has also implemented the ABAP programming templates, another big hitter developed by GIB. The ABAP programming templates facilitate and optimize work in ABAP – SAP’s main programming language. As a modification-free add-on, integrated into SAP, the programming templates act as a guide and cover all ALV control methods. This allows IT professionals at the tool manufacturer to make specific adjustments and enhancements to the in-house SAP system rapidly and highly efficiently. 

Conclusion: In the Dispo-Cockpit and the programming templates, Rüggeberg has found the right precision tool for an optimized supply chain. The new-found transparency now ensures sustainably increased efficiency in all logistics processes – using this new tool appears to have paid off. 

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