GIB Suite

Affordable supply chain optimisation


You don’t need to discuss which Excel spreadsheet contains the right numbers any longer – create a common data corpus that all process owners can access instead. You will remain able to act in the event of acute problems because backlogs, material shortages, and production bottlenecks will be displayed in time. Focus on relevant issues and guarantee an improved level of delivery service, lower capital commitment through stock reduction, cost-conscious and reliable production, and efficient material requirements planning.

Make your suppliers fulfill their obligations and, by doing so, guarantee an improved supply that is more reliable. And most importantly: plan with precision so all follow-on processes function efficiently and smoothly. We’ll help you!

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Our solution on SAP S/4HANA

Faster, clearer and more efficient supply chain proccesses

  • Gain transparency
  • Harmonize processes
  • Increase forecast accuracy 
  • Avoid out-of-stock situations
  • Increase your ability to deliver
  • Do away with excess capacities

The modules of the GIB Suite:

GIB Forecast

Decentralised planning and consolidation in one central planning monitor.

more about GIB Forecast


GIB Planning

Flawless planning of production processes and capacities across responsibilities.

more about GIB Planning

GIB Operations

Keep the flow of materials moving with smart resource planning.

more about GIB Operations

GIB Controlling

Sustainable inventory optimisation with industry-specific regulations.

more about GIB Controlling


GIB Buying

Reduce costs through fast, efficient and optimised order processing.

more about GIB Buying

GIB Vendor Managed Inventory

Intelligent vendor integration into your SAP system via web front end.

more about GIB VMI

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Advanced Supply Chain Solutions

Simplify, automate, and optimize supply chain planning with the
#1 native add-in for SAP ERP. One platform, better performance.

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