Bird feeding - Determine requirements in advance

GIB Forecast

Determine requirements in advance

Determine requirements in advance

GIB Forecast is a module of the GIB Suite on ECC 6.0. The software supports you in demand planning by combining and evaluating relevant information from different areas and sources. With the help of a large number of renowned statistical methods, a reliable sales forecast can be created.

All functionalities of the GIB Forecast are part of the ifm software suite "Supply Chain Excellence on SAP S/4HANA".

Supply Chain Excellence on SAP S/4 HANA

Relevant information on demand planning can be found here:

Demand planning


Essential module content


  • Advanced forecast models
  • Data basis: SAP and alternative subsystems
  • If required, creation of nodes which are independent of SAP
  • Consolidation of decentralized planning into one planning monitor
  • Mapping of organizational structures which are independent of SAP
  • Forecasting and monitoring via workflow, traffic light, and alert features
  • Dependable requirements planning thanks to a comprehensive data basis


  • Ability to check forecast quality through ex-post analysis
  • Constant optimization of production plans using rolling sales planning
  • Inventory optimization, precise planning, and reliable forecasts
  • Simulation of the impact of planning, e.g. on work center capacities

Target group

  • Sales
  • Supply chain management
  • Other specialized departments

Certified by SAP

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