How Artificial Is the Intelligence of Tomorrow’s Supply Chain?

We’re constantly hearing about artificial intelligence. But does anyone actually know what it’s all about? For what purposes is machine learning suitable? How does an artificial neural network work? And where are the starting points in supply chain management? ​

These and more questions will be answered in the videos below. Experts from a range of specialist areas examine the subject of AI in detail, demonstrate current and future possibilities for its use and link this with the supply chain. ​

If AI can already be found in the GIB solutions? The answer to this and much more information and product updates can also be found here!

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SUCCESS DAYS of the last years

Samples from AI, Digitization & IoT

The managing directors of GIB discuss the experts’ explanations and solution approaches

What influence can new techniques and technologies such as IoT and AI have on the control of supply chain processes? To what extent can this promote vertical digitization? Does horizontal digitization take precedence over vertical digitization of the value chain? And what is the significance of big data in this context?

These are all questions that our speakers have addressed. Björn Dunkel, Nadine Rahman and Volker Blöchl, managing directors of GIB, discuss the content of a selection of the videos to give you an overview of the various topics being talked about.



Expert Knowledge On-Demand

Neural Networks: Computers That Can Learn – Better Than Humans?

- Marc Bertelmann, Senior Developer, GIB

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have reached all of us and the first human-AI encounters are already taking place in everyday life. But what is the situation in the field of supply chain management (SCM)? What can AI and ML achieve here? And are these technologies superior to humans? To answer these questions, we begin with the birth of artificial intelligence, pass through important milestones in AI research, and look from where we are in the present day to a possible future of SCM.

TIC TAC TOE – Humans Versus Machines: How a Neural Network Is Recreated Through Mathematics

- Julian Dax, Senior Developer, GIB

How do neural networks work and how can you apply machine learning to real-life problems? Let us show you with the help of an interesting demo scenario.

Artificial Rather Than Artistic Aspiration – How AI in Image Recognition Can Revolutionize Production and Retail

- Benedikt Ley, Managing Director, Virtual Retail GmbH

The use of artificial intelligence turns 3D image recognition into a tool for success for the economy. Complex problems that cannot be solved with fixed formulas can be resolved using intelligent machine learning approaches.

No Need to Fear Mathematics—How Complex Algorithms Optimize and Simplify Control of Supply Chain Processes

- Christian Friedrich, Managing Director, statmath GmbH

Where can algorithms be put to use? And what benefits can their use offer when human powers of deduction and analytical abilities reach their limits?

Digitization of Industrial Value Chains – Intelligent Networking of People, Processes and Things

- Prof. Dr. Martin Hill, University Siegen | Co-Shareholder Hill GmbH

The challenge of modern times lies not in collecting data, but in making big data useful. To gain a competitive advantage, it is crucial to employ new technologies to make use of this data and generate added value for your company. This is where the key technologies of quantum computing, blockchain, machine learning, smart sensors, IoT, robotics and 3D image recognition come into play.

What You Always Wanted to Know about the Cloud but Were Too Afraid to Ask

- Stefan Theis, Manager Software Logistics & Technology, GIB

Multi tenant, single tenant? Public or private? Essential or extended? How many different types of cloud are there and what are the differences between them? What are the benefits of a cloud and what is the main difference compared with an on-premises system? This article explains what you really need to know about the various S/4 HANA operating models.

Supply Chain Excellence by GIB – One Year of Practical Experience and 30 Years of Expertise

- Björn Dunkel, Managing Director, GIB

Björn Dunkel maps out GIB’s learning path: From MAS 90 provider to SAP consultant, from add-on manufacturer to solution provider. A condensed and entertaining journey through time that highlights the building of expertise, demonstrates the cooperation between GIB and SAP, and takes a look at the GIB SCX of the future.

SCM Needs IoT – Why Sensor Data Improves Processes

- Nikolaj Schmitz, Manager IIoT, GIB

In addition to automating and optimizing maintenance, the new release of GIB SFI also provides initial integration scenarios for further digitization of the supply chain. First, we will introduce these to you and then we will take a look at real-life production, and demonstrate the advantages based on specific use cases. Finally, you can get an impression of the look and feel of the product in a demo.

Keep it Simple: Creating Clear Structures and Standards in the Daily Scheduling Process with the Help of GLB RAC

- Sonja Meyrose, Head of Materials Management, KARL MAYER

Sonja Meyrose provides an exciting insight into the day-to-day operations of the company’s planning department and explains how the use of the GIB RAC at KARL MAYER has helped to streamline processes and make them more transparent, as well as reducing employees’ workloads.


The Newcomer videos offer an introduction to the modules in the GIB Suite and SCX. The series of talks is recommended both for participants who are not yet using the GIB software, as well as existing customers who want to learn about a module they have not come across yet.

Newcomer Forecast

- Jonas Eling, Senior Consultant, GIB

Newcomer Controlling

- Stefan Peters, Field Sales, GIB

Newcomer Planning

- Stefan Peters, Field Sales, GIB

Newcomer Operations

- Thomas Rehbein, Consultant, GIB

Newcomer Shop Floor Integration

- Michael Onderka, Developer IIoT, GIB

The New Functions series of videos demonstrate the new functions in GIB’s software products. (GIB Suite & GIB SCX)

New Functions GIB SCX & Suite - Forecast - Evolution with Highspeed

- Florian Lenz, Manager Product Development GIB

New Functions GIB SCX & Suite - Controlling

- Janina Niedermark, Junior Developer, GIB

New Functions GIB SCX & Suite - Planning & Manufacturing

- Anke Baier, Senior Developer & Consultant, GIB

New Functions GIB SCX & Suite - Operations

- Marco Fries, Manager Global Consulting, Academy & Support, GIB

Roadmap for GIB SCX & Suite – Current Status and Outlook

- Felix Grab, Vice Director Product Development, GIB

In the last twelve months, a lot has happened at GIB. Find out here what the product development team has been up to, what you can expect in the new Release 21.0 and what our plans for the next two to three years are.

GIB SCM Awards 2021

Besondere Erfolge werden belohnt

Bereits seit 2012 verleiht die GIB die GIB SCM Awards. Die Preisträger können sich diese verdienen, indem sie mithilfe der GIB-Lösungen Kosten senken, Bestände reduzieren und ihren Lieferservicegrad verbessern.

GIB SCM Award für die Bizerba SE & Co. KG

Beste Optimierung der Bestände und Lieferbereitschaft

„Geschafft!“ David Simeone, Bizerba SE & Co. KG, hat sich den GIB SCM Award durch gute Leistung verdient. Coronabedingt fand die Übergabe in einem digitalen Interview statt.

GIB SCM Award für die Bernhard Krone Holding SE & Co. KG

Beste Optimierung der Bestände und Lieferbereitschaft

Große Freude über den GIB SCM Award: Dr. Oliver Ohlen, EMPORIAS Management Consulting GmbH & Co.KG (o.l.) sowie Felix Paus (o.r.) und Lukas Zumstrull (unten) von der Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone Holding SE & Co. KG. Coronabedingt fand die Übergabe in einem digitalen Interview statt.

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