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Managing Your Supply Chain With SAP Doesn't Have To Be Complex

ifm business solutions helps companies simplify, automate, and manage their supply chain in ways they never thought possible. Our solutions are specifically designed to give companies running SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP Fiori visibility into every step of the planning and execution process through native SAP ERP integration, so they can make more timely, accurate data-driven decisions.

When You Think ERP Benefits, Think of What You Aspire SAP to Stand For


Work through your integrated business planning process quickly and execute the cycle more frequently with real-time data and machine learning.


Strategically respond and react to market changes and potential disruptions by anticipating shortages or bottlenecks.


Improve critical business functions by reducing errors, time, complexity, and manual effort.

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Master the Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning Process in SAP ECC & S/4HANA

Achieve Success and Overcome Operational Obstacles

For more than 30 years GIB's mission has been to help SAP companies optimize supply chain planning and execution processessimplify the user experience, and leverage the full capability of SAP ERP without external software. We commit to understanding your business processes inside and out, partnering with you for the long haul. Our collective industry knowledge and track record of process expertise ensures a smooth and successful business transformation, and we fully support you in laying the organizational groundwork to thrive far beyond implementation.

Prior to adopting GIB solutions, the majority of our customers experienced the same journey implementing a Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process:

Realize SAP standard lacks the functionality and insight to properly optimize and scale supply chain operations and integrated planning.

Search for external software to fill gaps - except external solutions result in substantial costs, data leaks, and add complexity to daily business operations.

Resign to Excel. Frustrated by the cost and complexity of external options, companies resort to using offline spreadsheets. New data silos and unscalable processes create new planning challenges.

Adopt GIB for planning and execution convergence inside SAP, and achieve cost-effective Supply Chain Optimization.

GIB Supply Chain Suite

Extend, Enhance, and Optimize Your SAP Landscape

Maximize your investment in SAP with critical supply chain functionality that fully supports your central system of record. Rather than resorting to external software to fill gaps, join hundreds of SAP companies that have leveraged our advanced, affordable tools to transform operational processes for critical supply chain areas:

Demand Planning and Management

Inventory Optimization and Mangement

Material Requirements Planning

Operations and Procurement Management

Production and Capacity Planning

Master Production Scheduling



GIB SCX (Supply Chain Excellence)

Attain Top Down Tracking of Supply Chain Quality

Use intelligent process targets to help you identify the quality of your supply chain processes through SAP-based key performance indicators.

Based on master data from your SAP S/4HANA system, key performance indicators are used to evaluate the process quality and hidden potential of each phase of your supply chain cycle. A sophisticated algorithm assigns each phase an intelligent process indicator. Together, these process indicators establish one key figure: your SCX indicator.

Ultimately, GIB SCX uses daily business performance to establish top down process quality. GIB SCX covers the same critical supply chain areas as the GIB Suite, but enables leadership to bring your business one step closer to optimal performance with process quality indicators and control.

"Those using GIB had better operational visibility with 64% saying they had the visibility, quality, and granularity they need for supply chain operational data versus 57% of SAP IBP customers."

Source: SAPinsider Benchmark Report, Modernizing Supply Chain Planning and Operations
September 2020

Demand Planning and Management

Perform Powerful 'Always-On' Planning

The Demand Planning Add-In for SAP ERP & S/4HANA incorporates real-time data from suppliers, customers, current and historical sales, as well as promotions, events, and even weather to generate a high quality, operationally relevant consensus demand plan.

Your demand planners, management, and leadership team all gain visibility into potential problems and can proactively address critical variances before your business is impacted. Recommendations for planning are automated for swift action, while the ability to pivot your plan at any time remains in your control.

Inventory Optimization and Management

Boost The Backbone of Profitability

The Inventory Optimization Add-In for SAP ERP & S/4HANA delivers actionable insights, advanced algorithms, and full simulation capabilities to create inventory strategies that deliver maximum customer fill rates at the lowest total inventory cost.

Service level targets, order quantities, safety stocks, and actual lead times are constantly analyzed and reoptimized using machine learning. Your inventory plan, strategy, and execution are all accomplished within your core SAP system for a more accurate reflection of your current inventory investment.

Material Requirements Planning
Operations and Procurement Management

Stay On Top of Customer Satisfaction

The MRP Operations & Procurement Add-In for SAP ERP & S/4HANA enables teams to retire offline spreadsheets and resolve external information silos through a centralized, comprehensive view of supply and demand, where decisions can be made with precision and action can be taken quickly. 

Over 25 separate SAP transactions are consolidated to create one flexible, easily personalized command center. The intuitive user interface supports role-based insights in real time, with supportive features like proactive alert monitoring to guide users to the most critical needs and set the stage for long-term success.

Production and Capacity Planning
Master Production Scheduling 

Take Control of Manufacturing Capacity

The Production Planning Add-In for SAP ERP & S/4HANA delivers a tabular planning table for efficient capacity planning and sequencing of the production process.

Drag and drop functionality with real-time response in simulation mode allows users to manipulate schedules and potential sequences before impacting production. All resources, capacities, and work schedules are accounted for to create the most optimal production plan.

 “There’s full transparency now between what the demand planner is doing with the data and what the actual planner — a production planner for example — is going to do to execute that plan.”

Ross Fasco, SAP Supply Chain Architect
Agilent Technologies
Case Study Published by SAPinsider, 2021 

Request a free, personalized product tour today so you can start leveraging SAP for operational transparency, cross-team collaboration, and strategic business insight.

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