Supply Chain Management: Inventory Optimization with SAP

#1 Inventory Management Add-In for SAP ERP

SAP is an innovative technology company with over 200 milion users worldwide. SAP plays a major role across numerous industries like agribusiness, airline and aerospace, engineering, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, construction, and many more. Roughly 65% of US businesses and over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use SAP to set a standard for their business processes and IT maturity. 

ifm business solutions offers an SAP certified suite of supply chain management solutions that extend, enhance, and optimize the SAP landscape. Powered by an Optimization Inside approach, our software is specifically designed to give companies running SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP Fiori advanced tools for higher quality planning, smarter inventory strategies, improved operational transparency, and more efficient production scheduling.

Inventory is the proxy for information. The less reliable insight you have regarding demand and supply, the more inventory you need to compensate. To solve this challenge inside of SAP, ifm's inventory solution is the answer.

GIB Suite Inventory delivers actionable insight, advanced algorithms, and full simulation capabilities to create inventory strategies that will deliver higher service levels and eliminate the need for excess inventory.

Our inventory solution allows for cost-effective inventory balancing to have the right amount of stock based on current and future demand.

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  • Create multiple replenishment strategies to fine tune inventory policy
  • Establish material classifications according to volume and variability
  • Automatically re-classify and optimize based on measured performance
  • Integrate product lifecycle management
  • Simulate safety stock and MRP parameter changes
  • Leverage range of coverage matrices for rapid inventory insight
  • Navigate through inventory performance metrics to quickly determine root cause
  • Easily development a library of business rules to manage exceptional conditions


  • Increased fill rate, lower inventory investment
  • Process automation to enable performance without manual effort
  • Real time transparency into inventory performance and root cause analysis without maintaining a separate business intelligence system
  • Native integration inside SAP, no new software to learn for users
  • Proactive evaluation of consequences and risks through simulation of MRP parameters

Target group

  • Inventory managers, material requirements planning, logistics, supply chain management

Range of Coverage

GIB gives you the visibility to understand the balance of inventory investment based on days of supply compared to lead time. From one, interactive matrix, supply chain managers can quickly visualize excess and potential outages. Since the data is live in SAP, real-time drill down is available to quickly identify and analyze problematic materials.

Take immediate actions to increase or decrease target inventory levels with clear performance metrics that are instantly accessible. View the inventory control system all through one centralized location in the interactive dashboard.

Two-Dimensional Material Segmentation

By segmenting materials based on volume and demand constancy, material groups are created with shared attributes relevant for inventory planning. Establishing two-dimensional segmentation is the first step to automated, intelligent inventory optimization.

Our inventory control software analyzes materials and automatically groups them for better identification and inventory control consistency. This feature reduces the possibility of excess inventory and stockouts.

Replenishment Strategies by Service Class

Since every problem is not a nail, inventory mangers need more that a hammer to optimize. With logical service classes established, distinct replenishment targets and strategies can be applied to each service class.

GIB gives you the flexibility to create nine, tailored replenishment strategies with the intelligence to automatically assign materials to the appropriate segment. This feature provides inventory management and optimization in SAP ERP without requiring additional and disparate software applications.


Market conditions are dynamic and new objectives from executive leadership can come at any time. When inventory levels and coverage profiles need to change, GIB provides a broad scope of simulation capabilities to understand the impact of potential changes and shed light on the risk/return equation. 

By performing simulations based on specific operational conditions, risk management and proactive strategies are developed to tackle these issues if/when they occur. Also determine potential ROI by developing simulations when introducing production lines for enhanced supply chain solution inventory benefits.

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