Balance Supply and Demand with Material Requirements Planning

Keep the material flowing with intelligent resource planning. The goal is to plan material requirements precisely to avoid bottlenecks, idle time, and costly expediting tasks in material staging and production.

At the same time, the stock of finished goods and raw materials must be balanced, needs-based and cost-optimized. Having MRP systems that are scalable based on fluctuating demand patterns requires transparency into MRP operations at all times.

ifm's business solution for procurement supports day to day sales & operations planning in SAP with robust features that enable real time visibility, role-based insights, and proactive alerts to guide priority and focus.

Users can review all relevant MRP information to better understand how and when materials will be needed, or used, and subsequently develop improved MRP strategies.

Our software is suitable for a broad range of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, high tech, and food and beverage. Instantly understand material requirements and make better decisions to balance supply and demand.

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  • Transparent, clearly structured display of exception messages, missing part situations, and purchasing-specific information
  • Access to information on master data, inventories, and MRP information via simple layout changes
  • Identification and control of critical materials with proactive alert monitoring
  • Easily customized views and alerts


  • Improve employee efficiency and retention with best in class productivity tools
  • Eliminate time wasting tasks of downloading data to spreadsheets and jumping across multiple transactions to get actionable information

Target group

  • Material requirements planning, purchasing, production scheduling

An intuitive requirements view (enhanced MD04)

See all requirements for future periods at a glance including planned orders, purchase requisitions, forecasts etc. Easily toggle between days, weeks or months. See one material or many. Utilize ad-hoc simulations to understand the impact of supply and demand changes.

Flexible data views

GIB’s MRP Operations module is the right solution for everyone involved in day-to-day supply chain operations. Role based layouts deliver a consistent and relevant user experience. Individual user personalization provides further precision to enhance and extend your SAP operations and MRP functionality. View the most relevant information for data-driven decisions and improve employee productivity.

Visualize the full network

Cross-plant views enable you to understand the full network situation. Determine whether to purchase additional quantities from the vendor or transfer existing inventory from a different location. Gain insight into every area of MRP operations for greater transparency with a more cost-effective solution to enable supply chain improvements.

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