Production planning software for effective planning and scheduling

With the GIB Suite Production solution for SAP, you can overcome common operational challenges such as repetitive manual tasks, improper production order sequencing, and excessive downtime by using a simplified drag and drop planning board. And the most valuable, unique aspect of the GIB Suite solutions is our natural integration inside SAP.  Your users will appreciate the simplified interface, and your IT team will appreciate the easy installation process.

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  • Dynamic, drag and drop planning table
  • Sequencing for an optimum production flow and use of finite capacities
  • Overview of short-, medium-, and long-term planning in one dashboard
  • Early recognition of critical situations 
  • Every production function – in just one tool
  • Confirmations during production processes
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Monitor
  • No interfaces needed, natural SAP integration


  • Reduced changeovers and down time
  • Longer, uninterrupted production runs
  • Error-free production planning that saves time
  • Immediate triggering of necessary measures in cases of bottlenecks/conflict/overload – across different planning areas
  • Early-warning system for capacity bottlenecks
  • All important information such as missing parts/exceptions/PRT/conflicts at a glance
  • Rescheduling in alternative work centers via drag & drop capabilities

Target group

  • Production control, production planning, work scheduling, supply chain management, management level

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