Production planning software for effective planning and scheduling

When everyone knows what to do, when the workflow runs smoothly, and all the necessary tools and materials are available in the right place and right quantity, great things can be achieved. In production planning and detailed scheduling, tribal knowledge is not sufficient in responding to a dynamic and volatile supply chain environment.  All variables in the production and materials management realm must be known, organized and controlled in an optimal sequence.

ifm's business solution for production planning and detailed scheduling offers a production planning dashboard allowing you to instantly view real-time data regarding processes, work centers, and maintenance tasks to uncover inefficiencies, bottle necks, and missing parts. Execute real-time adjustments with improved employee efficiency and transparency to enhance operational throughput and demand fulfillment capabilities.

With the GIB Suite Production solution for SAP, you can overcome common operational challenges such as repetitive manual tasks, improper production order sequencing, and excessive downtime by using a simplified drag and drop planning board. And the most valuable, unique aspect of the GIB Suite solutions is our natural integration inside SAP.  Your users will appreciate the simplified interface, and your IT team will appreciate the easy installation process.

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  • Dynamic, drag and drop planning table
  • Sequencing for an optimum production flow and use of finite capacities
  • Overview of short-, medium-, and long-term planning in one dashboard
  • Early recognition of critical situations 
  • Every production function – in just one tool
  • Confirmations during production processes
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Monitor
  • No interfaces needed, natural SAP integration


  • Reduced changeovers and down time
  • Longer, uninterrupted production runs
  • Error-free production planning that saves time
  • Immediate triggering of necessary measures in cases of bottlenecks/conflict/overload – across different planning areas
  • Early-warning system for capacity bottlenecks
  • All important information such as missing parts/exceptions/PRT/conflicts at a glance
  • Rescheduling in alternative work centers via drag & drop capabilities

Target group

  • Production control, production planning, work scheduling, supply chain management, management level

Capacity Planning Dashboard

See aggregated capacities across the production network or drill down to see more granular plant and work center specific capacities, all based on real time data. View capacities of scheduled orders or simulate potential capacities with planned orders. Enable a full end-to-end simulation by passing a simulative demand plan from the GIB Suite Forecasting solution through to the GIB Suite Production solution to view your simulated capacity constraints.

Drag and Drop Scheduling Board

Create a detailed schedule with optimized order sequences based on requirement date and/or specific characteristics.  Easily achieve proper SAP production sequencing by grouping orders together logically to reduce setup/teardown times and increase throughput. Visual indicators alert you when orders are behind schedule, missing parts, or cannot be completed in the scheduled time. Orders can be converted, released, and printed all from a single screen. You can also utilize the scheduling board as a shop floor monitor (view only) to provide visibility across the shop floor.

Touch-Screen Confirmation

With the touch screen enabled confirmation monitor, orders are confirmed real time on the shop floor with nothing more needed than your tablet of choice. Track actual setup, processing, and teardown times or simply record yields. In case of error, easily reverse the most recent entry with a single click. Reduce clerical work, increase confirmation accuracy and empower your shop floor employees with real time confirmations.

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