Reducing costs through anticipatory load bundling

With extensive additional functions, GIB Buying is the smart solution when it comes to optimizing purchase orders in SAP. Order processes require transparent processes, as well as prudent and reliable materials planning. GIB Buying helps you achieve this and offers you optimized order processing in SAP to help you reduce your transport costs.

In particular, purchase requisitions can be combined in order bundles. Bundling the data gives you the ability to comply with all specifications on minimum order values, transport volumes, and weight without exceeding the desired inventory level.


  • Combination of purchase requisitions into PO bundles
  • Automatic adjustment of order options in case of changes
  • Automatic adjustment of order quantities according to specified ranges of coverage
  • Combination of purchase requisitions taking into account restrictions concerning volume, PO value, quantities


  • Save costs through RoC-based PO handling
  • Optimization of transportation costs
  • Optimization of load carriers

Target group

  • Material requirements planning, purchasing

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