Reducing costs through anticipatory load bundling

With extensive additional functions, GIB Buying is the smart solution when it comes to optimizing purchase orders in SAP. Order processes require transparent processes, as well as prudent and reliable materials planning. GIB Buying helps you achieve this and offers you optimized order processing in SAP to help you reduce your transport costs.

In particular, purchase requisitions can be combined in order bundles. Bundling the data gives you the ability to comply with all specifications on minimum order values, transport volumes, and weight without exceeding the desired inventory level.

Real-time simulation generates suggestions on how you can adjust your purchase order in accordance with the restrictions to a variety of ranges. By taking different ranges into consideration, you can review purchase order quantities precisely and align them with consumption, requirement, or inventory as needed.

Order bundles already created can be changed and revised later, making a repeat run through the MRP unnecessary. When changing individual purchase order items, the entire order bundle is automatically adjusted to the selected restrictions. Even internal orders and redistributions can be easily and effectively completed with GIB Buying.

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  • Combination of purchase requisitions into PO bundles
  • Automatic adjustment of order options in case of changes
  • Automatic adjustment of order quantities according to specified ranges of coverage
  • Combination of purchase requisitions taking into account restrictions concerning volume, PO value, quantities


  • Save costs through RoC-based PO handling
  • Optimization of transportation costs
  • Optimization of load carriers

Target group

  • Material requirements planning, purchasing

Optimized order handling

You too can optimize your order handling with GIB Buying. Increase quality and thus create the perfect conditions for efficient, RoC-oriented ordering. Lower your transportation and storage costs while simultaneously improving your ability to deliver.

Selection before getting started

Make selections before getting started: Whether you want to start PO handling with PReqs or with vendor-material/article: the choice is yours. You can also specify data origin in advance. Both data from your MRP list and from your stock/requirements list are available.

Getting started on detailed processing

Determined vendors, purchase requisitions, and PO bundles are displayed in such a way that you can go directly to detailed processing with the vendor of your choice.

Orientations for PO handling

Range-oriented PO handling: Purchase orders ought to be processed in a way that minimizes costs without limiting your availability to deliver. Carry out your ordering process based upon requirements, inventory, or consumption.

Overview of delivery restrictions

Restrictions: Check delivery restrictions, such as those pertaining to quantity, maximum or minimum values, weight, and volume.

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