GIB Blog: Supply Chain Management for SAP ERP

Today's tense global conflicts have forced companies - both big and small - to rethink how they operate their supply chains. Out of this chaos has emerged an unfamiliar supply chain landscape that seems to require more art than science to navigate. We detail three ways leaders can rethink supply…

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Businesses are challenged more than ever to produce goods of increasing quality at lower costs and go to market faster. What does a well-defined S&OP approach look like for supply chain leaders today?

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With today's tense geopolitical landscape on one hand and robotic process automation on the other, the world's current manufacturing superpower is looking less and less attractive. The resurgence of major industries regionalizing their supply chains will continue to develop as companies integrate…

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In order to maintain a successful business, organizations need to be able to quickly identify and remedy excess inventory. This task can be difficult, as it requires a great deal of accountability and discipline from all members of the organization. 

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Since the beginning of 2020, supply chain disruptions have been omnipresent. Nearly two years of lockdowns as well as home schooling and home office, plus unpredictable damages, have proven that no industry or organization is immune to disruption. The need has never been as great as it is today to…

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