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Make planning a success

The manufacturing market is extremely competitive. While margins and delivery times are becoming tighter and tighter, product quality and delivery reliability must increase. We hear stories about this every day from clients during our SAP consulting sessions.

With ever-shorter product life cycles and a rapidly growing number of product variants, the manufacturing industry is facing growing challenges. The time to market must be reduced, lead times minimized, and products produced in smaller batches.

Although these requirements are not new, digitalization has accelerated the dynamics of this trend. Streamlined production processes and optimized value chains spanning several companies, as well as advanced sensor technologies, are required to stay competitive in today’s manufacturing environment.

Our planning solution, which is fully integrated into SAP, provides the tools to make this a reality for manufacturers. With the help of our planning software, available capacities can be optimally determined on a detailed, daily, hourly, and minutely level.

Our production planning software enables organizations to process orders of all types, such as production, maintenance, planned and process orders. As a result, companies can achieve their ideal capacity and sequence planning per production line or workstation. In addition, the application lets you immediately identify and eliminate any bottlenecks in your setup.

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How ERP Software Is Changing the Way the Industry Constructs Devices and Components

In an era where processes are increasingly becoming digitalized, businesses can gain an edge with production planning systems.

Here are ways the software can improve how your teams operate:

  • View real-time data into all processes in your construction tool and supply business.
  • Naturally integrate analysis, planning, execution, and optimization into your current processes.
  • At a glance, discover statistics about what’s happening with maintenance tasks, any bottlenecks, or reports of missing parts so you can adjust on the fly.
  • Use drag-and-drop planning board interface to tackle common operational challenges, from correcting the order of production sequences to curbing downtime.
  • Enjoy a friction-free experience, because the application is designed to integrate with SAP.

Benefits of Deploying ERP Software for Construction

If you’re looking to optimize your processes, you should know that using production scheduling software for manufacturing will be a boost for your bottom line and will help streamline your workflow.

Benefits of using a construction ERP include:

  • Lowered costs, from planning to execution
  • Save time by removing errors from production planning
  • Avoid capacity bottlenecks with an early-warning system
  • Work more nimbly, rescheduling tasks in alternative work locations when circumstances warrant
  • Reduce changeovers and, therefore, reduce downtime

A Successful Partnership with Continental


  • Improvement in resource utilization;
  • Optimization of standard SAP setup;
  • Early warning of capacity bottlenecks;
  • Error-free, time-saving production planning;
  • Direct implementation of measures to resolve bottlenecks;
  • All important information, such as missing parts/exceptions/conflicts, at a glance.



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