Demand Planning

Realistic forecast of purchasing behaviour, taking into account all internal and external influencing factors.

MRP Operations & Procurement

Demand-based material supply with the shortest possible replacement times to ensure maximum flexibility in production.

GIB Suite - An Animated Overview

For faster, clearer and more efficient supply chain proccesses: See how Paul turns his red minus into a black plus with the GIB Suite

Inventory Optimization

Anticipatory stockpiling, taking storage and material cost into account. Ensure a balance between service level and capital commitment. 

SI&OP Inside SAP

Enable a full complete Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning process inside SAP.


RAM Tool Construction Supply Company

Director of Purchasing, Kyle Loafman speaks on the challenging tasks coming into his role within this department and the decisions that went into their GIB purchase.

Let's talk about your supply chain processes.

Advanced Supply Chain Solutions

Simplify, automate, and optimize supply chain planning with the
#1 native add-in for SAP ERP. One platform, better performance.

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