From Shop Floor to Top Floor: Enable Your Business for Industry 4.0

Sensors and controllers are the starting point for doing so. Continuous data processing from the sensor to the ERP system melds together the physical and digital worlds.

Without any time delays, systems autonomously report information about their statuses, any required maintenance and servicing, actual material consumption, and more.

GIB Shop Floor Integration then further processes this information within its context and automatically triggers follow-on processes in SAP ERP.

Exchanging information in real time minimizes disruptions to production and drastically increases throughput and production capacity.

Connect Sensor and Machine-Based Data to SAP ERP

Manufacturing companies must ensure that a key bottleneck machine is available for production. To do this, it is necessary to obtain and evaluate critical information on the condition of the machine. The information is based on the continuous actual wear and used to determine the shop floor integration software. The SFI solution is based on these near-real-time events from production to automatically initiate necessary follow-up activities, e.g. initiating maintenance measures in PM/EAM and ordering spare parts.

  • Automate production planning and predictive maintenance
  • Increase machine availability and reduce downtimes
  • Optimize service life for production equipment 

Advanced Supply Chain Solutions

Simplify, automate, and optimize supply chain planning with the
#1 native add-in for SAP ERP. One platform, better performance.

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