Top-Down Tracking of Supply Chain Quality

The power to set the strategy and to keep the control of execution from a superior position - this also works in supply chain management.

Claim your position with a central key figure that reflects the quality of your supply chain processes completely and quickly. Use the underlying basis of intelligent process indicators to help you identify which process section you should urgently intervene in.

The Suite on S/4 HANA offers all relevant strategic planning and operative control options along the whole process chain, and GIB's software perfects the interaction of management, planning and control.

The idea of SCX

The optimization of supply chain processes begins with the creation of an awareness of the problem. GIB SCX takes a holistic and process-oriented view of the company's internal supply chain.

Holistic optimization with SCX

  • More customer orientation
  • Synchronisation of supply and demand
  • Demand-oriented calmed production
  • Optimization of stocks
  • Increase in delivery reliability

Strategic Management for the Operative Business

The new GIB SCX Suite operates with one central idea: “The right information at the right time for the right user.” 

What does this look like?

Top management receives aggregated and meaningful management ratios for strategic considerations.

Middle management has information and control options with tactical relevance and reach, e.g. requirements planning, inventory planning or MRP strategies.

At the operational level, all of the necessary information and control options are provided in order to guarantee and optimize production planning, detailed scheduling, order processing, and distribution.

The continuous flow of information, overall transparency, and user-friendly, seamless display prevents silo formation and “island optimization” of individual departments.

Conflict is more quickly and efficiently resolved and resource waste is easily uncovered.

The software thus provides a key component in an organization's efforts to achieve world-class manufacturing.

GIB SCX combines two systems in one: it is perfectly suited for management and control at the management level due to the indicator system. At the same, time it offers the approved operational applications for daily process management. The advantage: all management information is up to date, and there is no risk of incorrect statements due to interfaces and media discontinuity. SAP-based key performance indicators prevent scope for interpretation, which can hardly be avoided with manual management reporting.

Improve your process

Again and again, the user runs through the so-called "APEO principle". With the help of the software, he regularly analyzes his planning quality and can plan even more precisely in the next planning process. The simulation and saving of scenarios helps to get closer to the optimal result. Only then can the planning be put into practice. Our solution makes daily work more transparent and easier. The aim is to give the user as much comfort and security as possible. The fourth and final step in the APEO principle is the optimisation phase, in which the actual and target values are compared and the necessary steps for improvement are identified.

Manage early warning signs

On an operational level, the system offers graphically and colour-coded illustrations that show on the first view where critical areas are visible or even where action is urgently needed. Every morning, the personal alert monitor offers the user an overview of all exception messages that are relevant to him and allows him to jump directly into the activity.

Enable efficient communication

The left hand should know what the right hand is doing. A simple truth that should also be taken into account in the supply chain. The GIB solution enables and proactively promotes the exchange of process-relevant information between the participants. Only in this way can the process chain function seamlessly and be optimized through bidirectional communication.

Gain crucial transparency

Uncertainty, confusion, freezing in shock and wrong decisions are often the result of a lack of transparency. If every participant can overlook and see through his area of activity, decisions can be made based on facts and in good time. This applies to the individual scheduler as well as to the planner, the supply chain leader or the management. The right information at the right time with the right user.

Achieve E2E harmony

Silo thinking and island optimization have no place in modern supply chain management. Only those who keep an eye on the end-to-end (E2E) chain and optimize it can achieve competitive advantages by increasing speed and reducing costs. GIB SCX not only offers transparency in the process section, but also supports transparency and communication across departments. This helps to identify and harmonize conflicting, or even, competing goals. The most important thing is to ensure effectiveness and efficiency throughout the enitre process.

Straightforward decision making

Get a quick overview of the quality of the entire business operation at a glance. The process indicators offer a straightforward view of the process sections. This puts the management directly in the position to ask the right questions. Finally, differences in process control become transparent, whether they are internal (comparison of distribution and production) or external (comparability of the planning quality of different industries).

SCX based on S/4 HANA

Based on the data from your SAP S/4 HANA system, a sophisticated algorithm calculates how much potential is hidden in your processes.

The original SAP data provides the basis for the creation of key performance indices (KPIs), which evaluate various conditions, e.g. on-time delivery, delivery service level or stock in corridor.

Several KPIs are then aggregated to form a process indicator, which in turn evaluates a full process step, for example, the quality of sales planning, inventory management or material management.

From all process indicators, ONE central key figure is then aggregated: the SCX indicator. This then evaluates the complete end2end process in one.

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